Web Email Extractor – An effective Tool Just for Searching for Email Address in Bulk

Web Email Extractor is a wonderful apparatus made for the sole purpose of harvesting email ids from Internet. The tool basically uses URLs to obtain email addresses however in lack of URLs Keywords can also be utilized for the harvesting. The exploration of email ids is done over numerous search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, etc. by this tool. The benefit of this tool is that it extracts ids in bulk.

The application has the ability to process thousands of URLs in one single go. Even though you have a set of URLs already CBT Email Extractor saved then that list can be used to obtain email ids from the internet. For extraction you are able to either select most of the search engines simultaneously or can choose them individually in accordance with your choice. Users also have freedom to choose Domain & WebPages based upon their purpose.

Thinking about the scenario today email addresses are the prime need of the email marketing. The tool however fulfils everything you require while harvesting but the options it caters are for after extraction. The addresses that you’ve harvested from internet could be saved for future use. The list could be kept either in .csv (for Excel) or in .txt (text) format. Thus it’s after services will also be as much as the mark.

These features are gems of the tool but it’s even more characteristics to offer. The duplicate Ids get downloaded are eliminated automatically by the tool. This feature saves ample amount of time & effort for the user. Alongside both of these it features a unique choice called Filter which brings out email ids that are required by the user. In filter you are able to type the email id details and it is going to be on your own screen.

The handling part can be quite easier as compared to other email extractors in the field. All the options & commands are placed in a structured manner which makes it an easy task to operate. This structure has been purposely designed with an intention to produce it effortless for anyone who will operate it.

Up to this point you’ll certainly agree that this software is multitasking & brings all everything you need. It can be adaptive to any condition you add it in. It means as you are able to do the installation with some of the windows or any other OS it works in any one of them without the difficulty.

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