Painting Kitchen Cabinets to avoid wasting Income

If replacing your cabinetry is too costly for your financial allowance, after cabinet refacing, painting kitchen cabinets could be the least expensive option and really can transform your kitchen. Plus this kitchen remodeling job may be accomplished over an extended weekend or about 3 days with the proper kind of preparation and planning. With regards to the area of the nation your home is inside may not be recommended to do this kind of job in the winter months because you will need to have windows and doors open because of fumes from the paint and primer.

Kitchen cabinets use up most of the surfaces in many kitchens and due to this by creating a change in the look of one’s kitchen cabinets as in painting, you can greatly improve the look of the whole kitchen.

Whether you wish to lighten up dark cabinets or brighten them up with bold colors, paint can offer an instant makeover for virtually all kinds of cabinets. Because of problems of paint adhering well to laminate and melamine cabinets, it isn’t recommended to paint these types.

Painting your kitchen cabinets may be the fastest and easiest solution to update a tired worn-out looking kitchen and increase the worth of one’s home. Painting the cabinets is just a simple and low-cost alternative to a pricey kitchen-remodeling job. Painting your kitchen cabinets can provide them with a fresh look.
Painting kitchen cabinets can save you money while rendering it look like you spent a great deal on remodeling your kitchen.

It is possible to change your kitchen cabinet accessories including the cabinet knobs and handles spray painting kitchen cabinet. You are able to leave the insides of your kitchen cabinets alone except the insides of the doors to save lots of even additional money on the job and the hassle of getting to get everything that is in the cabinets.

Preparing the Kitchen Cabinetry for Painting

First you can start by take off the doors removing any screws and all of the hardware from the cabinets.
Ensure that you clean the cabinets thoroughly before starting to paint with a wood cleaner containing orange oil. This type of cleaner will work for removing grease. If there is any grease, oils or possibly a little dirt the paint may not abide by the wood surface correctly. Make certain the outer lining is wholly dry before applying the primer.

Now check for any rough areas on the doors and the cabinet base, sand them down, and wipe away any dust or sawdust from the surface.

Apply a level coat of primer-sealer to the cabinet doors, starting in the guts and following grain of the wood. By using primer-sealer you will not need certainly to sand down and degloss the wood before painting it.

Painting the Cabinetry

In regards to the option of the kind of paint whether high-gloss or perhaps a semigloss paint are recommended for cabinets. Some people believe that semigloss can offer a richer finish however.
Use a high quality brush for applying the paint. This can insure a more superior finish. Just like the application of the primer-sealer you ought to begin in the guts and follow the grain. Several coats are required to reach a high quality finish. The paint must be permitted to dry about four hours per coat. Using thin coats make for fewer brushstrokes and less time for drying.

After you have all of the doors painted, start on the bases. Follow the same steps you did for the doors: sand, clean, seal, then paint. You will not need certainly to be worried about doing the inside of the cabinets. It will simply be required to tape off the edges for a clear finish and just leave them as they are. However
you might want to start contemplating replacing the hardware for the drawers and doors to totally complete your new kitchen look.


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